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It’s planting season — and time to set a new standard of productivity and efficiency with CNH Industrial. From soil prep and seed placement to optimization and nutrition, our agronomic approach delivers fast, uniform emergence. Genuine CNH Industrial parts are backed by proven planting science and designed to make the most of your growing environment. Get superior agronomic performance with planting kits from CNH Industrial.

Rain and Debris Kits

Our clear rain and debris kits protect seed meters from the elements — shielding the meter area from rain, overspray during power-washing and tire spray during transport. They also keep dirt clods, crop residue, gravel and small stones from getting into the meter rolls. Two rain and debris kits are required per disk drill.

Save Time, Money & Space

Our planting kits save you time and money by bundling everything you need in one convenient package. Each kit addresses a specific maintenance task. Our service kits give you all the replacement parts for your machine at recommended service intervals, so you can keep it at peak performance. And we have a large selection of kits for everything in between, from the routine to the unexpected.

No more searching around for individual parts. No more clutter from loose parts filling up your valuable shelf space. One kit gets you ready for the job and keeps you organized.

Save Time: Order one kit rather than multiple parts

Save Money: Kits receive your normal pricing/discount (no premium charge)

Save Space: Reduce inventory by buying only what you need