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Most of your equipment depends on hardware — the fasteners, hinges, plugs, rings and other bits and bobs that hold parts together, prevent excess wear and provide the most basic mechanical functionality. Without them, nothing works for long. And with poor substitutes, you risk costly downtime and severe damage to your equipment. Keep your operation running smoothly with premium hardware from CNH Industrial.

Replace Like with Like

When most people think of hardware, they think of fasteners. A fastener serves as a joint between parts, fixing them in place and limiting or preventing their movement. Even though many fasteners will outlast your equipment, they may endure heavy loads and exposure to the elements.

The most common fasteners in machinery include nuts, bolts, screws, clamps, studs, pins and rivets. It’s a rare workshop that doesn’t have collections of them stashed away in jars and drawers. But that doesn’t make them interchangeable.

When replacing fasteners, it’s important to use replacements with proper specifications. Usually, that means replacing like with like. That’s because, in many applications, precise tolerances are extremely important. Mere approximations won’t do. And often, matching the material and grade of the original fastener is critical. A replacement with more tensile strength, for example, isn’t always a good choice. It may lack the necessary fatigue strength (a measure of durability), making it more likely to break under some conditions.

The simplest way to avoid choosing the wrong hardware is to use OEM-quality parts — hardware specifically designed or approved for your equipment. It’s tempting to pick through piles of old, discarded parts. But treat your equipment to the safest option: Get your hardware from CNH Industrial.

No Guesswork

You count on hardware every day, for just about every task. In the long run, bad or improper hardware hurts your bottom line, reduces the performance of your equipment and increases the risk of accidents. Take the guesswork out of hardware — and ensure safety and productivity — with CNH Industrial.

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