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Your air cart performs fast, efficient seeding without costly overlaps — as long as you maintain it with high-quality parts. For upgrades, replacements, service kits and more, we’re a one-stop shop. Keep your air cart in top condition with parts and accessories from CNH Industrial.

Air Delivery Systems

A basic air delivery system consists of an air cart, a series of hoses called an air distribution system and a seeding tool. The air cart directs the right amount of air and product into the distribution system, which carries product to the seeding tool. Because different farmers have different needs, some air carts allow you to place up to three separate distribution systems on the seeding tool. With one system, you can single-shoot. With two, you can single- or double-shoot. And with three systems, you can single-, double- or triple-shoot.

Single-Shoot: When one or more products are mixed together in a single distribution system and applied in one location, the system is called singleshoot. The most common combinations are applying seed alone or applying a mixture of seed and fertilizer. Applying two types of fertilizer and blending them together while banding is also singleshoot.

Double-Shoot: Places products separately in two locations. A common double-shoot application seeds while placing fertilizer below and to the side of the seed row.

Triple-Shoot: Adds another distribution system, making it possible to apply three products in a single pass. This setup requires an air cart with three tanks.

Your Source for Parts

In this category, you’ll find tanks, frames, seals and a variety of kits for current and legacy machines. Need meter rollers, hoses and other related parts? Check out Air Seeder Parts and Seed & Fertilizer Tube Parts .