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You rely on your air seeder for fast, efficient planting. To keep your operation running smoothly, we offer a comprehensive selection of premium parts for your machine, from service kits and assemblies to fundamentals like hoses and bolts. Spend more time planting, and seed more acres in a day, with air seeder parts from CNH Industrial.

Metering Systems

Meter roller designs provide accurate metering and efficient operation, accommodating products ranging in size from the smallest forage seed to the largest bean — inoculated, treated or not — plus a wide range of fertilizer applications. We offer the following solutions:

Extra Fine: For micronutrients or very small seeds such as alfalfa, grass, canola and grain sorghum at very low rates

Fine: For wheat, barley, oats, flax, millet and moderate rates of fertilizer

Coarse: For solid-seeding, larger crops such as corn and beans at high rates

Extra Coarse: For very large, fragile seeds, such as peas and large beans, and high rates of fertilizer

Stealth® Openers

The Stealth opener is a modular system that adds versatility to your row seeding. A choice of tips or attachments mount to the main body, and replaceable tips promote long life and customization.

Single-Shoot: Stealth openers use replaceable tips that work for both narrow-row and spread-row seeding styles.

Double-Shoot: Stealth double-shoot attachments allow one-pass placement of seed and fertilizer. Seed/fertilizer separation prevents seedling damage.

Knife Tips

● Low soil disturbance

● Very narrow spread of 7/8" to 1"

● For use with any press wheel

● Heavy-duty, gumbo or carbide tips match soil condition

Side Band

● Designed for low disturbance seeding

● Wider product spread allows more fertilizer to be placed with the seed

● Spread tips are available in 3", 4" and 5" sizes

● For use with press wheels that match row widths

Spread Tips

● Places seed 1" above and 1" beside the fertilizer

● Wing forces soil into the fertilizer trench to provide separation from seed

● Can be used with all press wheels

● Available in standard or long-life carbide

Paired Row

● Seed is placed 1" above and 1" to 2 1/2" on both sides of the fertilizer

● 3" size available in HS format for heavy soils and gumbo and in LS format for light soils and sandy loam

● 3", 4" and 5" sizes available in carbide for extended wear; helps maintain integrity of seedbed over the full life of the opener; designed to force soil into the fertilizer trench, providing separation from the seed

● For use with press wheels that match row widths

Precision Knife Openers

● Ultra-low-disturbance knife openers with carbide tip and hard-surfacing for placement of seed and dry or liquid fertilizer

● 1 7/8" lateral separation and 7/8" vertical

Your Source for Parts

Next to openers, you’ll find everything else here you might need for an air seeder — hoses, clamps, shields, pins, nuts and bolts, brackets and more. Prepare for successful planting with air seeder parts from CNH Industrial.