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Some of the most basic wear parts in your machines are bearings and bushings. If they stop, so do you. Following recommended maintenance schedules can save you a lot of trouble. But it’s also wise to keep a supply of critical bearings and bushings — because just like trouble, opportunities for upgrades and repairs may show up when you least expect them. Stay prepared with CNH Industrial.

Small Parts, Big Jobs

Almost by definition, wear parts have limited service lives. They wear out. With bearings and bushings, however, service lives vary widely. Some of them outlast the equipment they’re installed in, functioning without issue for many years at a time. But others — and many of the kind you work with in agricultural and construction equipment — need occasional attention and replacement. Check your service manuals for maintenance schedules.

The most common symptoms of bad bearing and bushings are excess noise and vibration. Related symptoms include high operating temperatures, lubrication leaks, odd odors and uneven wear on associated parts, such as on tires for wheel bearings and control arm bushings. You may notice a loss of power, efficiency, precision or smoothness in the operation of your machine. Untreated, bad bearings and bushings can result in expensive damage and unplanned downtime.


Do you go to a specialty shop for bearings? Not anymore. All the bearings you need are right here at CNH Industrial. Whether you’re looking for individual parts, sets or assemblies, CNH Industrial has OEM-quality, “perfect fit” bearings, hardware and accessories made specifically for your equipment at competitive prices. Leave the specialty shops behind. Shop here at CNH Industrial.


If bushings and bearings seem related, it’s because they are. A bushing is a simple kind of bearing, a plain bearing (also called a solid journal bearing or sliding contact bearing). But plain doesn’t mean unimportant. At CNH Industrial, you’ll find bushings for control arms, suspensions, top links, lift arms and just about anything else you can imagine. Don’t wait until worn bushings interfere with your work. Stock up at CNH Industrial.