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Do you go to a specialty shop for bearings? Not anymore. All the bearings you need are right here at CNH Industrial. Whether you’re looking for individual parts, sets or assemblies, CNH Industrial has OEM-quality, “perfect fit” bearings, hardware and accessories made specifically for your equipment at competitive prices. Leave the specialty shops behind. Shop here at CNH Industrial.

A Closer Look

Simple bearings have been in use since ancient times. Modern bearings, however, are products of the Industrial Revolution, dating from the late eighteenth century. In today’s high-performance farm and construction equipment, they combine old-fashioned mechanics with precision engineering.

But what do bearings do? The short answer: They reduce friction between moving parts. More precisely, bearings promote smoother, more efficient motion by maintaining moving parts in correct alignment while allowing them to move only as intended. Wheel bearings, for example, allow axles to rotate while restricting them from other kinds of motion and, in effect, holding them in place. These jobs require bearings to work under sometimes extreme loads — forces that act on them as a result of motion in different directions. True to their names, in other words, bearings are important load bearing parts.

Original Quality, Lasting Performance

Designed in partnership with our engineers and trusted suppliers, genuine CNH Industrial bearings and bushings meet the heavy-duty demands of today’s farm and construction equipment, guaranteeing optimal performance and service life. With our premium bearings and bushings, you get:

● Significant axial and/or radial load

● High rotational speed

● Tight manufacturing tolerances

● High-quality components

The right part for the job keeps you productive and saves you money in the long run. Lower quality substitutes do the opposite:

● Imperfections in fit or machining may damage other parts

● Poor or insufficient lubrication may cause premature wear

● Unsuitable grades of steel may increase the risk of breakage

Avoid unnecessary repairs and downtime. Get OEM-quality bearings and bushings from CNH Industrial.

Maintenance Tips

● Handle bearings with care to protect them from shocks, dirt and dust

● Always use suitable tools when installing bearings

● Always use recommended bearing grease