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Disc blades are critical parts that undergo heavy wear, putting your productivity at risk if they can’t stand up to the challenge. But with more choices than ever, finding the right blades for your application has never been easier — if you know where to look. With disk blades from CNH Industrial, you’ll take on crop residue and dirt clogs with ease. Find a perfect match at CNH Industrial.

Earth Metal® Disk Blades

Set the stage for higher yields with the strength and durability of our Earth Metal disk blades. With tough, flexible proprietary-steel construction — based on years of in-depth research on tillage and planting agronomics — these disk blades handle even the toughest residue. Thorough testing ensures superior durability and long life — saving you unnecessary downtime. And with one of the largest selections in the industry, there’s an Earth Metal blade for every equipment brand and application, including John Deere, Great Plains, Kuhn-Krause, Landoll, Sunflower, Tatu, Wishek and many more.

Soilrazor™ Disk Blades

The unique saw-tooth design allows Soilrazor blades to capture and size tough and heavy residue. What’s more, as the cutting edge wears away, it maintains its cutting ability. This is made possible because of its unique flute design. As the blade wears, the flutes shift — the hills become the valleys, and the valleys become the hills.

● Extremely well-suited for cutting through the toughest residue

● Saw-tooth design for exceptional penetration in hard and compact soil conditions

● Excellent clod-crushing capability

Barracuda Blades

These premium blades move residue up, over and laterally to stratify soil particles, increase aeration for improved soil tilth and provide faster nutrient cycling for next year’s crop. Whether you use conventional-till or min-till, you can adjust these blades for shallow or deeper passes to slice and manage residue on top without causing compaction below.

● Aggressive 22” serrated chisel-tip blades, capable of cutting up to 4” deep in one pass.

● As the chisel-tipped teeth wear, the valley between each tip stays sharp, becoming the cutting edge and extending the blade’s life.

● The blade’s shallow concavity and unique crimped center provide an even cutting and mixing action without causing compaction.

● Provides faster breakdown and increased nutrient cycling.

Stay Sharp

Shopping for disk blades shouldn’t be a hassle. With our wide selection of premium blades to suit wherever and however you work, get ready to scratch another item off your todo list. Shop now at CNH Industrial.