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No parts are more critical for the performance of your harrow than the blades — and no parts are more exposed to wear and damage. Rugged CNH Industrial harrow blades are engineered for strength and long service life and come in a versatile range of sizes and types to suit your equipment and field conditions. For less downtime and more peace of mind, choose harrow blades from CNH Industrial.

Earth Metal® Disk Blades

Field tests have proven that Earth Metal blades are substantially stronger and last longer than conventional carbon blades.

● Made from a proprietary process and steel formula, Earth Metal blades offer increased ductility and reduced breakage.

● Earth Metal includes boron steel that, when heat treated, enhances the hardness without affecting ductility. This balance allows for a longer wearing blade while providing breakage resistance.

● Each blade features a flat center that matches perfectly with each nodular cast-iron spool. This produces the strongest possible joints with gangs that stay tight.

● The center of each Earth Metal blade is crimped which provides added strength in high stress areas of the disk blade.

● Blades have either a #1 edge for normal field conditions including rocks or a #11 reverse-bevel edge for extra sharpness in non-rocky soils.

● Available in 4.5-mm, 5-mm and 6.5-mm thicknesses.

Extenda-Wear™ Earth Metal Disk Blades

For customers in extremely abrasive soils or those just looking for longer life, Extenda-Wear disk blades are now available. These blades are treated with a special coating that yields a disk that’s nearly as hard as tungsten carbide but without the brittleness. This can triple or even quadruple wear life as compared to non-treated blades. Boost your ground game with Extenda-Wear blades from CNH Industrial.

Rollable Boron Blades

For customers who prefer to sharpen disk blades via rolling, we offer a special boron alloy. This special steel maintains the toughness and durability of boron while retaining the ability to roll the edge. The rolling of Earth Metal is not recommended, as the advanced boron alloy creates a steel that’s too hard. Rolling can stress the material and result in fracturing of the edge.

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Not looking for blades? Don’t forget our harrow teeth with heat-treated points, plus all the hardware you could ever need to maintain your harrow — bolts, brackets, scrapers, tines, spools and more.