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Hoses and tubes are the veins and arteries of your machine’s hydraulic system. They’re responsible for carrying hydraulic fluid from the pumps to the cylinders, often under extreme pressure. So it comes as no surprise that they’re common points of failure. They get old and worn and damaged. Don’t get stuck with bad hoses and tubes. Get replacements and upgrades at CNH Industrial.

Achieve Better Service Life

Regular checks of your hydraulic lines will help you avoid costly downtime. But it’s just as critical to choose parts with the right specifications, to handle and store them properly and to watch for potential hazards when performing maintenance near them.

A frequent source of trouble is using hoses that aren’t rated for the working pressure of the hydraulic system or lack the proper minimum burst pressure. Typically, the minimum burst pressure is four times a hose’s rated working pressure — but not all hoses meet that standard, and not all applications require the same safety factor. If your hoses fall short on either count, they may develop leaks that sap the system of fluid and power or bring your work to a halt.

Even the best parts fail when other things go wrong. Need to fit a hose into a tight space? Take care not to exceed its minimum bend radius. The minimum bend radius tells you how much you can bend a hose without compromising its performance or service life. Kinks and flattening are the clearest signs of excess bending, but the damage isn’t always easy to see. The result, however, is the same. You create weak spots where leaks are more likely to occur and restrict the flow of fluid in the system.

There are many other ways to earn yourself a bad day: Running hoses where they rub or strike against objects, exposing hoses to temperatures above or below their ratings, using incompatible fluids, installing the wrong fittings or installing the right ones improperly — all of these problems can significantly impair the service life of your hoses, costing you time, money and frustration.

Keep It Simple

When you shop for hydraulic hoses and tubes at CNH Industrial, you get OEM-approved parts with quality and value you can rely on. Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind with genuine parts from CNH Industrial.