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A bushing is a simple kind of bearing, a plain bearing (also called a solid journal bearing or sliding contact bearing). But plain doesn’t mean unimportant. At CNH Industrial, you’ll find bushings for control arms, suspensions, top links, lift arms and just about anything else you can imagine. Don’t wait until worn bushings interfere with your work. Stock up at CNH Industrial.

Old Friends

At first glance, few parts are as unremarkable as bushings. Many of them look somewhat like washers or rings, but longer, or like tiny sections of pipe — nothing special, anyway. You could recognize them as important wear parts, and notice how they come in countless shapes and sizes, without thinking there’s anything interesting or sophisticated about them.

But you’d be wrong. As with bearings in general, bushings represent a seamless blend of old and new technology. Their roots in ancient history run so deep that no one knows when, where or how they were invented. They may go back about as far as the wheel and axle. Certainly, they’ve been around as long as early hinges, which are themselves ancient. And like bearings, bushings have inspired continuous innovation since the industrial age, benefiting at each step from developments in advanced materials, precision engineering and even computer modeling.

Original Quality, Lasting Performance

Designed in partnership with our engineers and trusted suppliers, genuine CNH Industrial bearings and bushings meet the heavy-duty demands of today’s farm and construction equipment, guaranteeing optimal performance and service life. With our premium bearings and bushings, you get:

● Significant axial and/or radial load

● High rotational speed

● Tight manufacturing tolerances

● High-quality components

The right part for the job keeps you productive and saves you money in the long run. Lower quality substitutes do the opposite:

● Imperfections in fit or machining may damage other parts

● Poor or insufficient lubrication may cause premature wear

● Unsuitable grades of steel may increase the risk of breakage

Avoid unnecessary repairs and downtime. Get OEM-quality bearings and bushings from CNH Industrial.