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Replacing old belts isn’t just necessary to avoid unplanned downtime. New belts can improve your machine’s efficiency and productivity, and they can reduce noise and vibration, improving operator comfort and preventing excess wear on other parts. Genuine CNH Industrial belts are designed specifically for your machine, so they offer the quality and reliability you need to get the job done. Whatever machines you run, from legacy makes and models to the cutting edge, make CNH Industrial your source for belts and belt accessories.

Engine Belts

When you think of mechanical belts, engine belts are likely the first that come to mind. There’s good reason for that. All the other belts in your equipment depend on them. If they fail, everything else comes to a halt.

Genuine CNH Industrial engine belts are designed for heavy-duty drives with high loads. That makes them ideal for farm and construction machines. Whether in the field or on the jobsite, trust your high-performance engines with premium belts from CNH Industrial.

Harvest Belts

If you work with harvest equipment, you work with a lot of belts. And that means you need to check them regularly for wear and tear, misalignment, improper tension and other problems — or your equipment won’t run at peak efficiency.

But not only that. As with all crucial parts, it helps to keep a stock of replacements on hand to maximize time in the field. Whenever the need arises, you’ll find premium belts for all your harvest equipment right here at CNH Industrial. Make this season a winner with genuine CNH Industrial belts.

Baler Belts

For dense, uniform bales, your baler needs high-quality belts. Without them, you're heading for trouble — slow bale starting, reduced efficiency and poor output. Meanwhile, belts with excess wear, tearing or bowing could be in danger of breaking, resulting in downtime and even damage to your baler. But you know what to do: Keep your baler running smoothly with premium baler belts from CNH Industrial.

Combine Belts

You’ve been through the routine — checking belts on your combine to catch small problems before they become big ones. Sooner or later, you know you’re going to need new belts, and you know settling for cheap alternatives could cost you more in the long run.

When the time comes, we’re here with high-quality belts approved by our engineers specifically for your combine. Don’t let equipment sit idle in the shop when you need it in the field. Trust genuine combine belts from CNH Industrial.

Draper Belts

One of the best ways to safeguard the performance of your draper header is to use premium belts. High-quality belts make your operation more efficient by minimizing grain loss and downtime. But even premium belts get worn and damaged, so it’s important to schedule inspections and replacements to prevent breakdowns.

Draper belts from CNH Industrial exceed standard OEM belts in durability and service life — and that means extra peace of mind when you need it most. Keep your draper header at peak performance with genuine CNH Industrial draper belts.

Belt Accessories

It won’t do you much good to have a new belt without the fasteners, tools and other accessories you need for proper installation and optimal performance. That’s why, along with belts of all kinds, you’ll find a wide selection of belt-related parts and kits right here at CNH Industrial. Stay prepared with genuine CNH Industrial belt accessories.