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CNH REMAN. More than rebuilding or recyclingCNH REMAN. More than rebuilding or recycling

There are more reasons than ever to choose CNH remanufactured parts for your equipment — from a wide range of product offers to less downtime during installation.

REMAN products


CNH remanufactured parts are engineered specifically for CNH machines to provide good‑as‑new functionality through the entire assembly. Our rigorous process and high standard of quality separates us from the competition. Used core parts are examined, reclaimed, and tested to original performance specifications through the use of:

  • State-of-the-art techniques
  • Strict salvage guidelines
  • Advanced manufacturing systems
  • Unequaled quality control

There are several terms that can be confused with remanufacturing. This is what remanufacturing is NOT:

  • Recycled
  • Repaired
  • Restored or refurbished
  • Used

If you’re new to remanufactured parts from CNH, here are some of the benefits to making Reman part of your ongoing equipment maintenance program:


Remanufactured parts from CNH cost less than new parts — offering a great value while ensuring peak performance.


We continue to add more parts to our already extensive reman roster, providing you with more options for your equipment needs.

REMAN Savings Higher Value

It’s a fact. When you install OEM parts in your equipment, you can expect increased resale value.

More Choices Prompt Credit for Your Core

As long as the core is like-for-like and not disassembled, you get credit for your core. Plain and simple.

REMAN Savings OEM Performance

Unlike “will-fit” parts, each CNH remanufactured part is engineered to deliver like-new performance that meets stringent CNH performance specifications.

More Choices Quality

Remanufactured parts from CNH are completely disassembled. Plus, all parts are thoroughly inspected beyond point-of-failure fixes and reassembled to the latest OEM specifications.

REMAN Savings Less Downtime with
Installation Options

Because many CNH remanufactured parts are ready to install, our service technicians spend less time completing repairs or shop installs. The result: quicker turnaround and a whole new level of equipment uptime for you.

More Choices Superior Warranty Protection

Our parts are fully warrantied—just like those bought new. In fact, remanufactured parts from CNH are protected with the industry’s leading warranty, providing better-than-new warranty coverage.

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