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Hydraulic systems perform many more functions on farm and construction machines than in years past. Tractors that once used hydraulics for little more than raising and lowering a hitch now have options for connecting an ever growing array of powerful implements. The more you rely on hydraulics to get work done, the less you can afford to rely on substandard replacement parts and accessories. Get the most from your hydraulic systems with genuine parts from CNH Industrial.

Couplers & Tips

You have a lot of options when it comes to hydraulic couplers and tips. Our selection ranges the gamut, from leading third-party solutions to parts designed, tested and proven by our engineers for use in your machines. For the best in performance, versatility and ease of use, trust CNH Industrial for premium couplers and tips.


As key wear parts in a hydraulic system, cylinders require regular maintenance to stop small problems from becoming big, expensive ones. Replacing old filters, inspecting for wear and keeping a handy supply of spare parts are just a few steps you can take to protect your investment and reduce downtime. Shop here for rods, pistons, heads, caps, assemblies and more — all with the performance and reliability you expect from CNH Industrial.

Hoses & Tubes

Hoses and tubes are the veins and arteries of your machine’s hydraulic system. They’re responsible for carrying hydraulic fluid from the pumps to the cylinders, often under extreme pressure. So it comes as no surprise that they’re common points of failure. They get old and worn and damaged. Don’t get stuck with bad hoses and tubes. Get replacements and upgrades at CNH Industrial.


A pump is the heart of a hydraulic system — and the heart is no place to cut corners. Our hydraulic pumps are designed and selected to assure the best performance of the hydraulic circuit. They integrate perfectly with your machine's specifications, run at higher working pressures to reduce the risk of contamination and deliver guaranteed reliability in the field. Stay productive, and enjoy peace of mind, with pumps from CNH Industrial.