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Many competitors say their engine oil filters are the same quality as OEM. But with CNH Industrial filters, you get superior construction and advanced synthetic media for better protection, longer service intervals and maximum performance.

Built for Today’s Engines

CNH Industrial engine oil filters are durably constructed, rigorously tested and fully approved by our engineers to ensure heavy-duty protection and long life.


Our filters have smooth ends and corners to resist pressure cracks and leaks. Lesser filters have sharp edges and wrench flats where extreme pressures make cracks and leaks more likely. For added strength, we use only solid metal end caps — not flimsy cardboard, as some competitors do.


As a critical barrier between the element and baffle, seals prevent unfiltered oil from bypassing the filter media and re-entering the system. We use rubber seals for a tight, even, reliable seal. Some competitors use cardboard, which may leak or deteriorate.


Some competitors skimp on their springs. We don’t. We make our springs from heavy gauge wire for stronger seal pressure, and we give them a wide diameter to promote stability and prevent rocking.


Our high strength baffles maintain their shape and seal for serious protection. Flat, flexible baffles may contract and crack under stress.

MicroLoc™ Synthetic Media

CNH Industrial lubricant filters feature high-capacity MicroLoc™ synthetic media. Compared to cellulose, MicroLoc™ synthetic media is 70% more efficient in filtering critical contaminants. That’s because MicroLoc™ synthetic fibers are smaller, resulting in smaller pores that provide finer filtration.

At the same time, MicroLoc™ offers up to 75% less flow restriction at temperatures below 14°F. Better oil flow means that filtered oil reaches your engine and bearings faster, which improves wear protection during start ups.