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There’s no exaggerating the importance of electrical power. Your farm and construction equipment can’t run without it — losing it stops you dead in your tracks. That’s why batteries and accessories from CNH Industrial are designed for performance and productivity, wherever your work takes you. For batteries, cables, testers, chargers and much more, shop CNH Industrial for OEM quality and service.

Batteries: Your First Priority

Whether you’re working the field, the yard or the jobsite, you count on your batteries to meet every challenge. Heavy-duty batteries from CNH Industrial withstand high loads, harsh weather and unforgiving jolts so you can get the job done. Give your farm, construction and automotive equipment the power they need with premium batteries from CNH Industrial.

Battery Cables & Connections

Heavy-duty batteries depend on high-quality cables, tubes and connectors to deliver continuous, reliable power under heavy loads. We stock a large supply of them here, along with clamps, straps, studs and related accessories. Get connected at CNH Industrial.

Battery Diagnostics

Everyone has trouble with batteries — but it’s serious business when they keep you from work. Battery testers from CNH Industrial give you fast and accurate information on your batteries’ voltage, charge, health and more, making it easier than ever to manage your equipment inventory. Don’t let dead or dying batteries catch you off guard. Enjoy dependable power with CNH Industrial.

Battery Chargers

The more equipment you have, the more batteries you have sitting idle, slowly losing power. When your batteries need a lift, look to CNH Industrial for premium battery chargers and maintainers of all types, including jump starters, benchtop chargers and multi-battery chargers.

Battery Block Heaters

On the coldest days, even heavy-duty engines may need a little help. Battery block heaters from CNH Industrial give your farm and construction machines the edge when temperatures drop, ensuring consistent starts with less wear and lower emissions. Warm up those bitter winter mornings with block heaters and accessories from CNH Industrial.