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One of the best ways to safeguard the performance of your draper header is to use premium belts. High-quality belts make your operation more efficient by minimizing grain loss and downtime. But even premium belts get worn and damaged, so it’s important to schedule inspections and replacements to prevent breakdowns.

Draper belts from CNH Industrial exceed standard OEM belts in durability and service life — and that means extra peace of mind when you need it most. Keep your draper header at peak performance with genuine CNH Industrial draper belts.

Heavy-Duty for Heavy Crops

Our all-makes draper belts are made with heavy-duty, rubberized polyester with fiberglass reinforced slats. Stronger belting fabric with high-tensile strength provides approximately 30% more resistance to ripping versus standard OEM belts. And for better traction and less slippage in heavy crop conditions, our belts feature full rubber covers on both sides — not just on one side like many competitors.

● Approximately 30% more resistance to ripping

● Full rubber cover on both sides for better traction and less slippage

● Same belting used in bulk applications

Ready for Harvest

With draper belts from CNH Industrial, you get greater efficiency and productivity with less waste and hassle. Replace worn out, damaged or underperforming belts with premium draper belts from CNH Industrial.