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Painting isn’t just about looks. It’s maintenance. The elements take a slow but steady toll on your farm and construction equipment. A new coat of paint is like turning back the clock: It protects your equipment from rust and other kinds of harmful wear and corrosion.

At CNH Industrial, we have everything you need to paint your equipment - from primer and thinner to a full spectrum of factory-approved paint. Don’t let harsh weather and rust get the upper hand. Shop for premium paint and accessories at CNH Industrial.

High-Performance Finishes

Scratches, fading, chipping, corrosion — sooner or later, the pristine finishes on your equipment are bound to take some damage. Paint from CNH Industrial is specially developed to provide optimal protection while guaranteeing an impeccable finish. And with our large range of manufacturer-specified colors, you can restore the look of your equipment or get creative. Show your true colors with premium paint from CNH Industrial.

Convenient Spraying

Our collection of paint wouldn’t be complete without spray paint. In this category, you’ll find our complete line of premium spray paint in the most popular colors and sheens for farm and construction equipment. Grab your favorite cans now at CNH Industrial.

Primer & Thinner

What’s the single most important factor in achieving a good finish? It’s not the paint, as important as that is. It’s good preparation. With primer and thinner from CNH Industrial, you’re ready to take on the next paint job. Keep your equipment looking its best, and protect your investment, with genuine CNH Industrial primer and thinner.

An Ounce of Prevention

To prevent rust from taking hold, it helps to check for problem spots at regular intervals and touch them up with sanding, cleaning, priming and painting. That way, your equipment continues to look great, and you save yourself bigger trouble down the road. Stock up on premium paint and accessories from CNH Industrial.