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It won’t do you much good to have a new belt without the fasteners, tools and other accessories you need for proper installation and optimal performance. That’s why, along with belts of all kinds, you’ll find a wide selection of belt-related parts and kits right here at CNH Industrial. Stay prepared with genuine CNH Industrial belt accessories.

Separator Drive Tensioner Kits

Our separator drive tensioner kits are designed to reduce maintenance on your separator drive belt. Install the kit when you replace your separator drive belt and enjoy consistent tension with reduced need for further adjustments. Includes a header spring, spring sleeve, angle, rod and all other necessary hardware for installation.

Feeder Drive Tensioner Kits

Recommended for larger grain headers and corn headers, our feeder drive tensioner kits improve power transmission to your feeder.

● Increased capacity, less slippage, fewer adjustments

● Belt features aramid cord for improved strength and less stretch

Supporting Your Belts

In addition to belt tensioners, this category holds a full slate of belt accessories — fasteners, lacers, pins, repair kits, skivers and much more. Whatever you need to service your belts, this is where you’ll find it. Browse our collection at CNH Industrial.