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You have a lot of options when it comes to hydraulic couplers and tips. Our selection ranges the gamut, from leading third-party solutions to parts designed, tested and proven by our engineers for use in your machines. For the best in performance, versatility and ease of use, trust CNH Industrial for premium couplers and tips.

Getting It Right

A coupler connects parts of a hydraulic system, allowing hydraulic fluid or another medium to flow from one part of the system to another. Couplers are designed to be connected and disconnected without the need for tools. When you mount a plow onto a tractor, for example, you connect the hydraulic hoses by hand with couplers.

For most applications, choosing the right couplers is fairly straightforward. You just need to know their type and size. In farming and construction, the most common types are quick couplers and flat-face couplers. If you don’t know the type or size, it may help to consult a user manual or dealer. Otherwise, the markings stamped on the couplers could lead you to the answer (be prepared to do some digging online) or you could go it alone with a set of instructions, calipers and pitch gauges.

There are times, however, when you need to speak with an expert, when you need to take into account the operating pressures and temperatures of the application, the kind of hydraulic fluid in the system, what material the couplers are made of and other critical factors. Using the wrong couplers in those cases can lead to poor performance, poor safety and downtime.

No Hassles

Shopping for couplers, tips and related parts would be easier if hydraulic systems relied on fewer competing standards. But it doesn’t need to be hard. A little preparation goes a long way. As for the rest? Remove some of the guesswork by shopping at CNH Industrial, where you’ll find all the parts you need, made or approved specifically for your equipment.