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Fuel filters are more critical than ever. Today’s Tier 4 engines require fuel to be 100 times cleaner than engines built just a few years ago. Even small amounts of contaminants or water can cause trouble in the short run — rough idling, stalling, difficulty starting and more — and expensive damage and downtime in the long run. Protect your equipment and maximize performance with genuine CNH Industrial fuel filters.

It’s Dirty Out There

A typical gallon of fuel may contain over 20 million contaminants. New fuel isn’t always clean, either. Studies show that as fuel travels through the supply chain it often picks up dirt and water. In high-pressure Tier 4 engines, these contaminants can do serious harm — for example, by eroding fuel pump and injector surfaces. And unlike legacy engines, Tier 4 engines are sensitive to particles as small as 2 microns. That’s 1/40th of the diameter of a human hair.

Protection You Can Count On

CNH Industrial fuel filters extend the service life of your equipment with MicroLoc™ synthetic media. While other filters allow as many as 16 times more particles to infiltrate your engine, ours remove 99.7% of contaminants, resulting in better injector and fuel pump protection. And with as much as twice the dirt-holding capacity of standard media, our filters not only capture more contaminants but require less frequent replacement.

Good filtration is vital to keeping your equipment in the field and on the job. Get protection you can count on with CNH Industrial fuel filters.

Fuel/Water Separators

Water in your fuel degrades performance and can lead to corrosion and rust, among other headaches. So don’t forget to check out our range of fuel/water separators. Their patented self-venting drain valve dramatically improves removal of free and emulsified water.