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A typical diesel engine requires more than 8,000 gallons of clean air for every gallon of fuel it burns. Just a few grams of dirt can cause serious wear to your engine and its components. For optimum performance and protection, choose genuine CNH Industrial engine air filters.

Engines Need Good Air

Poor engine air filtration results in a host of problems, starting with low engine power, hard starts and high fuel consumption. In time, the damage adds up and can require costly repairs and downtime — even a dreaded engine overhaul. Good filtration not only protects your engine but keeps it running smoothly with more power, better fuel economy and a longer service life.

PowerCore™ Filters with MicroLoc™

To optimize performance, CNH Industrial PowerCore™ engine air filters are designed specifically for your engine. They feature high-capacity MicroLoc™ synthetic media. Its unique design filters air through a series of alternately sealed fluted channels, forcing air to exit through a different channel than it entered. This process catches particles ten times smaller than the diameter of a human hair and removes up to 100 times more particles than conventional filters with standard media.

Advanced Leak Prevention

PowerCore™ filters also include Radialseal® technology, which provides a leak-free seal in the roughest conditions thanks to superior vibration resistance. Another benefit: Improved contaminant encapsulation ensures that dust and dirt won’t dislodge from filters when you service them. With PowerCore™ filters, what goes in stays in.

Clean Air, Safe Air

The better your engine can breathe, the better it can work. Don’t risk your engine or your time on inferior engine air filters. Protect your equipment and maximize performance with CNH Industrial engine air filters.