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For dense, uniform bales, your baler needs high-quality belts. Without them, you're heading for trouble — slow bale starting, reduced efficiency and poor output. Meanwhile, belts with excess wear, tearing or bowing could be in danger of breaking, resulting in downtime and even damage to your baler. But you know what to do: Keep your baler running smoothly with premium baler belts from CNH Industrial.

Check Your Belts

Baler belts can give many years of good service. A decade or more isn’t out of the question, especially if you store them properly during the offseason — indoors, protected from the elements. Exposure to water, extreme temperatures, ozone and sunlight ages belts prematurely, making them more prone to slipping, bowing and cracking, among other problems.

The usual trick for dealing with a bad section of belt is to cut it out and splice in a new one. But splices are also the most common points of failure. Make sure to check them for tears, fraying and other signs of wear. Keep in mind that lacing won’t last as nearly as long as the belts themselves, so you should be prepared to replace them perhaps every year or two.

Endless Belts

Our award-winning endless belts feature a splice-free design for maximum consistency and low maintenance, providing the best balance of durability, grip and handling.

● Manufactured with constant heat and pressure to eliminate belt flaws

● Enhanced side-to-side rigidity to reduce tearing

● New surface pattern for improved cleanout

● Sealed edges to reduce fraying

Together, these improvements result in superior belt tracking. Our endless belts remain extremely stable under dynamic conditions, such as at core startup or when the density system is maxed out.

Laced Belts

Similar to our endless belts, our laced belts are manufactured with constant heat and pressure to eliminate belt flaws and improve tensile strength. They also feature an enhanced carcass design for side-to-side rigidity. Low-profile Alligator® rivet fasteners with stainless-steel Duralink™ flexible pins add to their durability.

Low-Profile Continuous Chevron Belts

Thanks to their excellent grip, chevron belts are a good choice for difficult crop conditions. The less aggressive low-profile design helps to reduce leaf loss.

● High-strength polyester/nylon construction provides the ideal combination of working tension, elongation and faster retention

● Moves crop quickly for fast, efficient bale starts

● Self-cleaning design for consistent performance (for use on select models)

Self-Cleaning Mato Lace Belts

These belts feature a self-cleaning surface texture for gentle crop handling and straight belt tracking. Low-profile, Mato-style lacing provides a strong grip on belts but is easy to replace.

Better Belts, Better Bales

Whatever your crops or equipment, you’ll find matching belts at CNH Industrial designed for optimal performance and service life. Ensure successful, cost-effective baling with baler belts from CNH Industrial.