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Belts feature in so many types of equipment that we need a special category for all the ones that don’t fit anywhere else. Browse our selection of genuine CNH Industrial belts for just about every farm and construction application under the sun.

Appreciating Belts

Mechanical belts transmit power. The principle behind them is simple and ancient: When a belt connects two or more shafts via pulleys, the motion of one shaft turns the others.

Common alternatives to belts are gears and chains. All three have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application. But belts come out ahead on several fronts: They usually have lower maintenance costs, run quieter, weigh less, can connect shafts that are further apart and absorb shocks and vibrations that might otherwise cause excess wear or damage.

Top Performance

You count on belts to keep your operation up and running. Belts from CNH Industrial meet that challenge with unmatched performance, reliability and durability.

Performance: Unlike standard aftermarket belts, our belts are approved by our engineers to meet the specifications of your equipment.

Reliability: Our belts are made from innovative, high-quality materials with strict quality control.

Durability: Our belts are specially designed for the heavy-duty demands of farm and construction equipment.

Aramid Fiber

For extra performance and durability, our toughest belts are reinforced with aramid fiber, an advanced synthetic material with high resistance to heat, abrasion and chemicals. With aramid fiber, our belts provide:

● Better fatigue strength for less stretching and slippage

● Better shock and vibration absorption for longer service life

● Better energy efficiency for less fuel consumption

These benefits add up to better power transmission under heavy loads and in harsh conditions — exactly what farm and construction equipment need. Choose CNH Industrial for premium high-performance belts.