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The proper lubrication of your equipment can make the difference between a good day and a very bad one. Take care of this necessity with our complete line of greases tested and approved by CNH Industrial engineers for use in our entire family of machines.

What Grease Is, Why It Matters

Grease is a lubricant that consists of a base oil, a thickener and additives for additional benefits such as corrosion prevention. For optimum protection, grease should stay in contact with moving parts without leaking due to gravity, pressure or centrifugal force. It also needs to flow into spots where it’s needed without losing consistency due to high temperature and friction. (Grease that maintains consistency is shear stable.) Finally, grease shouldn’t add significantly to the power required to operate a machine, particularly at start-up.

Although grease may seem interchangeable with oil in some applications, it has several advantages. It’s less likely to leak away from moving parts, it’s better at noise reduction and it provides a seal against contaminants that could damage your equipment.

Additives for Enhanced Performance

CNH Industrial greases are formulated with numerous additives to enhance and maintain performance. They include:

● Antioxidants

● Anti-wear additives

● Extreme pressure additives

● Friction modifiers

● Anti-weld and solid lubricants

● Rust and corrosion inhibitors

● Tackifiers and polymers

● Viscosity index improvers

Thickeners and Consistency

Our greases feature two kinds of thickeners: (1) Lithium and lithium complex thickeners are relatively inexpensive and have good to excellent performance characteristics. (2) Calcium sulfonate complex thickeners have strong heat and water washout resistance and provide excellent rust prevention.

The standard measure of hardness for grease is its NLGI number (or grade). This standard was established by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI).

Introducing MAT Specifications

To ensure that all CNH Industrial OEM-spec lubricants exceed American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements and have tighter tolerances than industry-standard specs, our engineers developed the Material Specification standard (MAT Specifications or MAT for short). A MAT designation certifies that a lubricant is engineered to protect the advanced technology in your equipment. No other maintenance solution can make that claim.