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A typical diesel engine requires more than 8,000 gallons of clean air for every gallon of fuel it burns. Just a few grams of dirt can cause serious wear to your engine and its components. Air intake pre-cleaners are your first line of defense. For optimum performance and protection, choose genuine CNH Industrial air intake pre-cleaners.

Engines Need Good Air

Poor engine air filtration results in a host of problems, starting with low engine power, hard starts and high fuel consumption. In time, the damage adds up and can require costly repairs and downtime — even a dreaded engine overhaul. Good filtration not only protects your engine but keeps it running smoothly with more power, better fuel economy and a longer service life.

What Pre-Cleaners Do

Air intake pre-cleaners clean incoming air before it reaches your engine air filters. That’s why they’re called pre-cleaners. Their task is to catch larger particles and water drops so that your air filters can work on smaller ones, which is what air filters do best. Different kinds of pre-cleaners do it in different ways and are appropriate for different machines, operating conditions and applications. But they all achieve the same basic results: They improve the efficiency and service life of your air filters and help them send cleaner air to your engine.

What pre-cleaners don’t do is replace your engine air filters. They’re not a substitute. That’s because they don’t remove the smaller particles that can do the most harm to your engine. Always use pre-cleaners with air filters.

Better Protection Starts Here

The better your engine can breathe, the better it can work. For clean air even in the toughest conditions, your engine needs CNH Industrial air intake pre-cleaners. But remember, your first line of defense isn’t your last. Be sure to check out our premium engine air filters to ensure maximum performance and protection.