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Breathe easier with CNH Industrial cab filters. Combining highly effective synthetic media with odor-absorbing activated charcoal, our cab filters remove dust, allergens, exhaust and other contaminants before they infiltrate your cabin — and your lungs. Work in greater comfort and safety. Trust genuine CNH Industrial cab filters to clear the air.

Fresh Air Is Good Air

As your cab filter collects dirt, its airflow becomes more restricted, which reduces airflow in your cabin. You may notice frequent and persistent odors, stale air, poor heating and air conditioning, whistling sounds through the ventilation system or excessive noise from the blower motor. You might even see dust and debris in the cabin.

These are all signs that your cab filter is getting old and that your cabin’s air isn’t as clean as it should be. You’re breathing bad air. The good news? The solution is easy and inexpensive: Replace your cab filter.

Why Choose Us?

Our cab filters remove contaminants and odors so you can focus on your work while keeping a cleaner, healthier workspace.

● Easy to install and replace. No need to modify the existing housing

● Advanced synthetic media filters air without restricting airflow

● Activated charcoal is bonded to the media. No need for carbon refills

Time For A Change

If you haven’t thought about your cab filters for a while, you’re not alone. It’s easy to take them for granted. It’s even easier to forget them during routine maintenance. But you know how important clean air is to your engine. Why cut corners when it comes to the air you breathe? Clean air isn’t a treat. It’s a necessity. Check this essential item off your list with CNH Industrial cab filters.